Entry #1

New but Oldie - HI everyone!

2017-06-15 23:31:40 by lanamarielive

Hello Everyone!

I'm a little shy to post, so here it goes!

I use to have account on here many years ago, and lost track of time, lost the account, and here I am agian starting over as LanaMarieLive.

I'm an actress and voice actor from Texas. I love old school video games, animes, sci-fi, comics, and making costumes. I've always enjoyed  playing the newgrounds games , watching the videos here,  & chatting with friends. Glad to be back to see more fun content and hope to collabrate with some of you using my voice acting.


I'm on soundcloud as LanaMarieLive

and voice demos on my website: http://www.lanamarielive.com/voice.html


P.s.. Since this has already been asked: Paid work always put 1st and perrferred. But  I welcome  some (unpaid) collaborations here for animations and games, etc.  So feel free to send a note my way.


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